Ministerial Education Schools

Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS)

Riverview Lutheran Church is part of a larger group of churches called the WELS. The WELS owns and operates 4 schools whose mission is to prepare future pastors, missionaries, teachers, and staff ministers for service in the Church.

The WELS has two High Schools to prepare students for Martin Luther College: Luther Preparatory School (LPS) in Watertown, WI, and Michigan Lutheran Seminary (MLS) in Saginaw, MI.
The WELS has one college of ministry, Martin Luther College (MLC), in New Ulm, MN. MLC prepares teachers and staff ministers for ministry in the Church, and future pastors for further theological education at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.
The WELS operates Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (WLS) in Mequon, WI, to prepare candidates for the pastoral ministry and to offer continuing education for pastors.