Sunday School

Our Riverview Lutheran Sunday School exists to assist parents with raising their children in the Christian faith.
Classes for children from PreK through grade 6 focus on key biblical accounts and their application to the faith and life of young Christians.

Due to the current pandemic, we will not be able to offer in-person classes for the fall of 2020. However, through a partnership with Northwestern Publishing House, we are thankful that we can continue to offer tools to assist parents in teaching these biblical lessons at home. Video lessons by experienced teachers will be posted each week on YouTube.  Following the Lesson Video, parents will be encouraged to complete an activity related to the lesson with their child and to reinforce the Memory Treasure. More information about the program is available here. We hope that this will give both parents and children the chance to grow in faith together. 

To sign up to have lessons mailed to your home at no charge for the winter and spring of 2020-21, please complete the form below by November 29.